Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Ultimate Sports Bucket List

As I said at the beginning of this blog, this trip was only the tip of the iceberg in achieving my ultimate sports bucket list. Throughout this trip I've been doing some thinking and planning and have decided to reveal to the world my ULTIMATE SPORTS BUCKET LIST (simply known from this point forward as THE LIST). Below is my list with maybe a little bit of reasoning behind the choices. Of course, they are in no particular order- just thoughts on paper of what sporting events I want to get to before all is said and done. ENJOY!

1. Complete the Ballpark tour- I have 14 done- only 16 to go and by far the easiest I will be able to do will be the West Coast + AZ and CO. I should be close to 20 by this point next year. 

2. World Series- Had a chance to grab tickets for the Giants last year, didn't pull the trigger. I still regret it. But of course, it would only be sweet if I saw the Red Sox in the World Series.

3. Super Bowl- I was in Dallas for the past one, but of course tickets were too expensive. I will get there tho.

4. Kentucky Derby- I am a huge fan of the sport of Kings and the Derby always gets me excited for the end of Spring/beginning of Summer. Drinking Mint Juleps would be sweet at Churchill downs.

5. Olympics (Winter and Summer)- I'm gonna start saving for Rio 2016. What could be better? Olympics and Brazil? I think nothing. I'll start investigating the Winter Olympics, but that could be harder as an accountant as it is in the heart of Busy season.

6. Indy 500- In the Infield, Mark "The Shark" Titus always raves about it. I'll be there soon enough

7. Daytona 500- I don't think you're American till you go to a NASCAR race- especially Daytona (aka Mecca for Rednecks).

8. Wimbledon/Roland Garros/Australian Open- Already done the U.S. Open so check it off the list. The tennis fan in me needs to see all of these great tournaments at least once in my life.

9. World Cup- Can anyone give me a good reason not to go? Just wave that flag.

10. America's Cup- You may be wondering what this is, simple its a prestigious sail-boat race pitting the defending champion (next year the U.S.) vs a challenger that has to go through many qualifying races. While I never took to sailing like my dad did, this would still be a great event to go to and its out in San Francisco next year, always a good time on the Bay.

11. Henley Royal Regatta- Simple, while the Head of the Charles is the biggest/most venerable race in the U.S., Henley is that out in England. No I won't race, but I'd love to attend (especially in the Stewards Enclosure).

12. Row in the Head of the Charles- I think its every rower's dream to do this.

13. The Masters- I love watching golf- I can't play it too well, but I need to get to the Masters at least once in my life time.

14. Golf's US Open- Specifically it'd be great to see it at Pebble Beach in a few years, definitely starting to save.

15. The British Open- Especially at St. Andrews. Historic grounds of golf, gotta be there.

16. Golf at the "Major Venues"- To elaborate, Pebble, TPC Sawgrass, Torrey Pines, St. Andrews, if there is any way to play Augusta please let me know?

17. The Ryder Cup- Gotta love when the U.S. plays Europe in everything. Everyone raves about it, the golf politeness disappears over this weekend. Need. To. See. It.

18. NBA Finals/Stanley Cup- Again, its always important to see a championship series and while I'm not a huge Basketball fan, anyone is a fan during the finals.

19. Attend a Game 7- This is the pinnacle of sports. 1 game everything riding on it. If its for the Championship, even better, but I'll take an ALCS/NLCS combination too.

20. Attend the Final Four- Love that time of year

21. Attend the Rose Bowl- The Granddaddy of em all.

22. Attend the BCS National Championship Game- I can't wait to see the best amateur football players play each other with no money being paid to either teams players. Wait, they get paid on the reg? Oh well, still going.

23. UEFA Championship- Going soccery here, but who doesn't love watching the world's game?

24. Camp Nou/Old Trafford- As a sports fan, you have to love every other sport's important stadiums. These are 2 important ones for Barcelona and Man U fans. I'd love to see a Barca-Real Madrid matchup too.

25. Attend a game at Lambeau Field- Most storied stadium in the NFL? Yes, I'll go watch the Packers play. Just as long as Brett Favre isn't there.

26. Red Sox- Yankees- This will never get old. Gotta go if I can.

27. Auburn-Alabama/Cal-Stanford/UGA-U Florida/UT-Oklahoma/ Harvard-Yale/ Game at Notre Dame Stadium- College Footballs biggest rivalry games, you need to get there if you can. And if you're Irish-Catholic, basically Notre Dame is the best thing since sliced bread. So you have to go to South Bend. Guess I'm going?

28. College Baseball World Series- I love watching this on T.V. While I wish I could have gotten to Rosenblatt, it would still be awesome to go watch this game.

29. Duke-North Carolina Basketball- At Cameron Indoor of course. In the Cameron Crazies section if possible.

30. Little League World Series- Obviously my kids will play in this one day, and it will be easy to go, or else they'll bring dishonor to the family.

I'm pretty sure that is my entire list. Feel free to debate me if you have any doubts on these mentions, and feel free to add anything to this as well.

- Wills

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